Hello, hi and czesc!


Welcome to my blog.  I thought a while whether to make and introduction or not, but in the end I thought I will. So here I am fulfilling my dream of having a blog. What you will find here is lots of tips, fashion advices, healthy recipes, and recommendations but hopefully plenty of inspirations.

This year I celebrated my 25th birthday and I could honestly say: ‚I am happy’ so I hope I can share my recipe with you on how to be happy and how to feel fulfilled by feeling good, looking good and eating good.

Also I would like to specify that I am Polish and therefore I was wondering for a while should I write on Polish or should I stick to English? England is where I currently live. I love English and this is the language that I use on a daily basis I thought I best stick to it!

Happy reading x

Hello, hi and czesc!


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