How to grow your hair quickly & effectively

I have always had fine hair. And with that comes a multitude of products I tried over the years. from supplements, diets to various shampoos and conditioners. Nothing ever really worked well. So lately I have come up with a conclusion that its got be an all incompassing change, to really change the name of the game here. So here is what I have done:

  1. Diet. I started eating healthy again. A well-balanced diet can absolutely change not only your body weight but your skin, hair and even your mood! The diet I follow, which is not really a diet, its a food programme – a lifestyle its called Metabolic Balance. There will be a separate post on that. Back to the topic, I started again being healthy and nourishing my body from within.
  2. Hair supplements. Believe me, I tried so many over the years. The one I have taken lately is Viviscal, both the usual version that you can find at boots as well as the professional one I took there for about 6 months. click here



3. Hair serum. This I believe has done miracles to my scalp, but you have to us use it consistently. I have been very regimented with it. Every day before going to bed I would put a couple of drops onto my scalp and massage it in and leave it overnight. Some reviews said it’s making the hair greasy but for me, it has been the opposite, and I haven’t noticed any oiliness!


4. Hair shampoo & condition (and the hair mask!). I decided to give up products that contain parabens and SLS’s. And used these Italian shampoos and conditioner

5. Hair oil. Every week after my usual workout I created this routine where I would just put a couple of pumps of hair oil onto my hair and go to the sauna. It is my little aromatherapy session each Saturday as this oil smells divine! The hair feels amazing afterwards, very sleek and so nourished!


6. Microfibre hair towel. This has been absolute game-changer. It’s on the pricey side, however, it really does make your hair dry quicker, therefore reducing the amount of drying needed. I could never go back to the standard hair towel! I bought the following one from Aquis They offer many different types of hair towels & turbans, however, I opted in for the one for fine hair in standard dimensions and it serves me perfectly.

7. Bonus! And my latest investment πŸ™‚ Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. I am sure most f you would have heard about this dryer due to its extremely high price point, but probably also because of all the things that it promises to do. And let me tell you, it does! It’s a fantastic piece of equipment that allows you to dry your hair quickly and with less potential damage. Apparently, it also alters the drying temperature 20 times a second, how is that even possible?! πŸ™‚Β  Mr Dyson has done an amazing job here! I didn’t even think that this dryer will make so much difference to the condition of my hair.


These 7 items will conclude my list, and please note it’s hard to pinpoint which one of these steps had the biggest impact, I do believe its the all-encompassing approach and changes that I made that has truly worked. My hairdresser noticed the difference lately asking me what have done, and now that many of friends asked me I hope this will be helpful to some.


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Marta works in marketing and is passionate about fashion, life and health! Not to mention food! Welcome to my blog and enjoy :)

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